Cat Stalkers was premiered at David Hellem’s Crappy Magic show located at Abrasive Media in Houston Station. Nashville, TN.

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Cat Stalkers PlotTwo majestic pillow cats follow a couple for several days. It becomes surreal and unknown why they are stalking. The couple never realizes these pillow cats have been following them. In the end the cats float away mysteriously.   All documentation photos taken by David Hellem.

Film Props from Cat Stalkers directed by Devon Eloise and Joseph Newsome.






Sea Reel Episode I was premiered in the Brownlee O Currey Gallery located at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film. Nashville, TN.

Sea Reel Plot:

A surreal comedy series begins with talking ocean creatures that travel through a black whole and end up on land.

Directed by Devon Eloise

Assistant Director: Joseph Newsome

Watch my film Sea Reel by clicking on the link below. 

 Sea Reel Episode